Book Review: Rock Chick (#1) by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick #1
Goodreads synopsis of Rock Chick

White Chick, Jenn’s Review of Rock Chick #1

Rating:  5 stars out of 5

Ok so were to start – First this is one of my most favorite books out there.. It is easily 5 stars if not higher.  This is a story of Indy Savage and Lee Nightingale and it is the first in the books series of 8 about Indy’s Rock Chick’s and Lee’s hot bunch badass’s.  Lee and Indy have known each other there entire life and she has been avoiding him for the last 10 years.  She is sassy, independent and tends to find trouble just about everywhere.  Lee is your typical alpha male who is HOT –did I mention he also has a Ducati???  Yumm.  The interaction between these two and the supporting characters is great.  This book made me laugh and smile through the whole thing.  Early on in the book when he finds out some of the trouble Indy has gotten herself into Lee bust out with “I should turn you over my knee” – hehehe this was just the beginning.  Behind Lee’s tough guy hot exterior is a man who loves Indy.  It doesn’t hurt that there are some seriously H-O-T intimate scenes between Lee and Indy…yummmyy.  And it’s just the beginning of the series.  Honestly if you haven’t read this book – go out and buy it today and read it.  I read it about once a month and it only gets better – I think I want to move to Denver and find me one of the hot bunch…(swoon).

Favorite Quote: (There were to many to list them all)
“…Now, I’m gonna take you to bed and make love to you.  Later, we’re gonna go to your Dad’s barbeque.  After that, we’ll talk.” He leaned in.  “What we have here is good and if you’d get over your thoughts that it isn’t gonna last, you’d realize how much better it’s gonna get if you’d just relax.

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