Book Review: Rock Chick Rescue (Rock Chick #2) by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick #2
Goodreads synopsis of Rock Chick Rescue

White Chick, Jenn’s Review of Rock Chick Rescue #2

Rating:  3.5 stars out of 5

This is the story of Jet and Eddie.  We briefly met Eddie during Rock Chick but now we really get to know him.  What can I liked this book and once again Kristen Ashley delivers a great love story filled with action and humor.  I love the interaction of Jet and Eddie… when the alpha male meets/courts the independent female. I picked up this book and had a hard time putting it down, so I could go to sleep and get up for work the next day!  I spent most of the work day waiting till I could get home and finish reading it.  Let me tell you Eddie is fine and so are all the other men in this book.  With each book I read, more and more I wonder if Denver is the place to be.  If you want to read a book that has a great love story and some seriously hot scenes and great laughs read this book!!

Favorite Quote:  “It was like the Justice League of Super Heroes but instead it was the Justice League of Hot Guys.”


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