Book Review: Up to Me (The Bad Boys #2) by M. Leighton


White Chick, Jenn’s Review of Up to Me

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

OH MY GOD!!!  Holy Hell!!!!  That is what I have to start with for this book review.  I just finished it and let me tell you all it did not disappoint.  As a note I am going to keep this review spoiler free as there are some big surprises in this book so I won’t go into a lot of detail in the review.  About 30 % into the book I looked at my ereader and said out loud “Holy Hell Batman.  Did that just f%&*ing happen?”.  It’s a good thing no one was around at the time.  That is all I’m going to say about that piece for now…

Moving on let me tell you that relationship between Cash and Olivia was great in this book and moved forward.  I really like how they were able to work through issues and get to a great place.  And Damn those really hot scenes and ya all they were HOT and just got HOTTER each time.  I want me some CASH, no seriously I do!!!.  I mean he is just a great guy and in this book you get to understand more of his feelings and thoughts.

We also got introduced to Cash’s friend Gavin who has a super sexy accent (what can I say I’m a sucker for a accent on a well toned man!!!) and a colorful past (can’t say much more than that now).  Now this book has more suspense, nail biting, teeth grinding parts than the first one (I may have cracked a tooth and I don’t know if I have any finger nails left) but it was worth it.  Again as I sit here writing this I am already thinking about when book 3 is coming out!!!

Funnily enough a friend called me tonight before I started reading Up To Me and asked for a good book series to start reading.  I didn’t hesitate I said go download Down to Me and she did :)!!!  I will go to bed tonight hoping to dream of some Cash or Gavin..I mean I will take either but I have always been partial to Cash.  And most likely I will get up and read it again tomorrow morning it’s just that good.

Favorite Quote: “Gavin Gibson? That sounds like the real identity of a super hero.  You packin’ a cape somewhere under that shirt?”

Asian Chick, Karmen’s Review of Up to Me

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Hmmm…is it possible to be more in love with a fictional character? *sigh* Cash! *sigh*

I advise you read book 1, Down to You, before reading Up to Me! Up to Me picks up right after the first book. So I love that it’s not year(s) later! And there is more to this book than just steamy romps, not that I don’t mind, but without giving away too much, let’s just say Olivia and Cash’s daily lives are not boring! There is plenty of action, mystery, and a serious twist in this book! And squee–I totally didn’t see that one coming.  I’m excited to know there will be a Book 3, staring a certain character….

Oh and don’t fear, again, there is a really good body shot scene in this book. And let me just say every time I see a bottle of Jack, I will be thinking about that–oh yes! But it might make some people’s “butt pucker!” 🙂

Favorite Quote: “Holy furry crap balls! He’s gorgeous!”


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