Book Review: My Misery Muse (#1) by Brei Betzold


Asian Chick, Karmen’s Review of My Misery Muse

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

My Misery Muse is now listed as one of my fav books! It’s simple…about a rock star and a second chance at love! Sure at first when I read the synopsis, I was thinking… rock star, groupies, life on the road, falling in love, blah…blah—already read something similar. But wow, I was pleasantly surprised with this storyline.

First, I loved Devi. She’s an independent, strong, stubborn, tattoo artist. She came from money, but didn’t fit in her parents’ mold, so she was disinherited and forced to make her own way in life…and that she did! Seth, her first love, who happens to be a big rock star, walks back into her life, and they re-connect two years later. But there’s a special surprise for Seth when he returns home while taking time to re-group with his band! You must read to find out…and this surprise is cute as a button!

My Misery Muse is  great second chance love story, but it’s not an easy road for Devi and Seth. They try to balance their careers, family, friends and each other to make it work. And you’ll have to find out if they do. I’m also looking forward to Book 2, Faith, Mags and Drake’s story, releasing this Spring!

Favorite Quote: “I decided to add to the Prince Albert… What do you think of my Jacob’s ladder?

White Chick, Jenn’s Review of  My Misery Muse

Rating:   4 stars out of 5

Devi and Seth…ahh what to say about them.  Well I loved them both so much.  This book had me hooked from page 1 and that is not an easy task.  I love the interacting between Devi and Seth and then when you add in her brother Drake and tattoo shop owner Chris and Devi’s cute son Jaks.  Oh there was angst in this book both Devi and Seth have a lot to work on together as well as individually.  Oh and Seth has a few piercings in all the right spots…yummy and hot!!!  The other great thing about this book was the supporting characters most of them were funny and just added to the story.  I honestly can’t wait for book 2 to get here the wait is killing me.  Oh but I have Seth and his um tattoo’s and piercings to hold me over till then.  <sigh> I want more!!!!

Favorite Quote: “I realized I don’t think I can live my life without you in it.

Purchase on Amazon: My Misery Muse
Check out Brei Betzold’s website.


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