Book Review: More than Meets the Ink (Bowen #1) by Elle Aycart

More Than Meets The Ink

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White Chick, Jenn’s Review of  More than Meets the Ink
Rating:   4 stars out of 5

So I had been holding off on getting this book to see if it would go on sale but I finally gave in and got it.  I don’t regret it one bit! What to say that this is the story of James(One of 3 seriously HOT Bowen Brothers) and Tate.  This book was a great blend of a seriously hot bad ass tattooed alpha male meets and falls in love with an independent stubborn female who is struggling with a recent tragedy.  Here is why I really liked this book, not only did it have some seriously HOT (and I mean steamy HOT) scenes between James and Tate, but it also had a great story and interaction with supporting characters.

This book also had some of the funniest scenes and had me literally laughing out loud in the first few pages of the book.  There was definitely some angst in the book and some danger (I mean really who wouldn’t want James Bowen to help them in a pickle!!)  but that is what made it such a good book.  I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read all the Bowen brothers books.

Favorite Quote: “You haven’t gotten the dynamics of our relationship down yet, have you? Let me explain it to you: we’re involved, very involved. You’re mine, and your problems are also mine. No one messes with what belongs to me. Don’t fight me on that, because you’ll lose baby. and be aware next time you hide something like that from me, I’ll turn you over my knee and spank your ass red. Do we understand each other?”

Asian Chick, Karmen’s Review of More than Meets the Ink

Rating:  4 stars out of 5

There is some serious hot smut in this book! James Bowen is a new book boyfriend candidate. He was the perfect combo of smart, caring, sexy and with the right amount of male dominance. Tate, the heroine, was prejudice and judgmental.  I had mixed emotions about her—yes, she was also witty, independent and had a lot to take on in life, but still…

When Tate first meets James, she quickly puts him in the category of “bad boy,” bum, no direction in life, etc…all because of his tattoos. Which I think is funny, because he wasn’t describe as being covered in tattoos (he only had 3 tattoos!). So it drove me insane. They both decided to have a vacation fling. But when they returned home (both happen to live in the same area), James kept pursuing her and she kept making excuses to push him away—mainly she’s not into “his kind” (tattoos/bad boy). Personally, James should of dumped her, he went above and beyond to help her with her life/career, and barely got a thanks from her.

Overall, I really did enjoy the book, because I think James stole the story. There’s a  lot hot scenes, funny lines, some action and sweet gestures!

Favorite Quote: “When one is being thrown over a man’s broad shoulder and can’t see shit but his yummy, hard butt, it was time to accept he’s in charge.”

After you read More Than Meets The Ink, author Elle Aycart’s posted  one chapter on James and Tate’s Novella on Goodreads. Check it out!

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