Book Review: Groupie/Rock Star Bundle (Groupie #1-2) by Ginger Voight

Groupie/Rock Star Bundle (Groupie, #1-2)
Goodreads synopsis of Groupie/Rock Star

White Chick, Jenn’s Review of Groupie/Rock Star

Rating:  3.5 stars out of 5

So I was looking for something to read and my fellow book blogger Karmen suggested I read these two books.  They were already on my “To Be Read” list so I thought yes this would work out well.

Let’s start with book 1 – Groupie we get introduced to the main characters Giovanni “Vanni” Carnevale and Andy Foster.  Vanni is an up and coming Rock Star and Andy is just starting her writing career.  Andy see Vanni and she understands instantly everyone’s attraction to him.  So Vanni likes her but Vanni is a player and Andy knows this.  This book has so much angst and I mean a lot.  Sometimes I just want to hit Vanni upside the head because he letting other people as well as himself dictate his life.  Don’t fret as I also wanted to shake Andy a few times when she believed what was coming out of Vanni’s mouth.  So book 1 ends with a huge cliff hanger- I won’t say anymore.

Ok Book 2 basically picks up right where book 1 ended.  I was hoping for less angst in this book but unfortunately it was also full of angst.  Not only angst but a lot of lying and backstabbing going on.  In this book Vanni’s manager and Andy’s boss Graham plays a big role in everything that is going on.  I won’t say to much as to give away parts of the book but Graham is playing on Andy’s guilt and it pisses me off.  I enjoyed this book and will definitely read book 3 as I need to know how this ends….

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