Book Reviews: This Man (#1) and Beneath This Man (#2) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man & Beneath This Man
Goodreads synopsis of This Man (#1).
Goodreads synopsis of Beneath This Man (#2).

Asian Chick, Karmen’s Review on This Man (#1) and Beneath This Man (#2)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5 for This Man
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 for Beneath This Man

Jesse Ward, The Lord.  He is the ultimate, intense alpha male character in a book. His controlling and stalking issues make Christian Grey look like a big wussy (yes, you can replace that “w” with a “p”). And even though “this man” is handsome, mysterious, charming, rich and seriously cray-cray, I’m pretty sure I have a book crush on him–“ish”.

This Man, starts out with 26-year old, Ava, an interior designer, who meets her new client, Jesse, we’re not sure how old he is yet, at “The Manor.” There’s an instant spark when they first meet and Jesse is determined Ava will be his. He relentlessly pursues Ava and she finally gives into him and into her own intense desire for him. Throughout this book, these two are constantly fighting, “doing-it,” making up, “doing-it” again and then fighting again. It’s a cycle that you just want to scream at the both of them to grow up!

We slowly learn one of Jesse’s secret that causes Ava to run. But we still don’t know his age–I love the “how old are you?” game that goes between the two. And her constant swearing and him just saying, “mouth!” to her.  Ava ends up leaving an even more crazier Jesse at the end of this book.

I loved book 2, Beneath This Man. It picks up days after a big fight between Jesse and Ava. Ava tries to get over him, but she realizes that she loves him and can’t be without him.  And Jesse just flat out refuses to let Ava go and clearly pulls out all the strings in some controlling/domineering handbook. Again, throughout this book, there’s more fighting, lots of sex, walking out, making up and just more sex. Oh…and don’t get me started on the “missing” birth control! Seriously!?!? GRRRRR….

But Ava slowly gets Jesse to open up and learns his deep, dark secrets: his age (finally!), truth about The Manor, his scar, his family and his past.

These two get a HEA in book 2 and I hope it continues throughout book 3, This Man Confessed, releasing later this year. But until then, I will watch my “mouth” and patiently wait by dipping my finger in peanut butter!

Thanks to TotallyBooked Blog, here’s Jesse’s POV when he first meets Ava. Get inside Jesse’s crazy-ass-“ish” head!

Favorite Quotes: “God” I scream. “No, baby, that’s me.” and “Watch your f*cking mouth!”

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