Book Review: Documentary (Book #1) by A.J. Sand

Goodreads synopsis of Documentary

Asian Chick, Karmen’s Review on Documentary

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Team Dick! Yep. You read that right, I’m Team Dick. And if you think you know what that means, then think again–actually add this to your TBR list to find out.

I really enjoyed this book! At first, I thought–oh typical rock star book, bunch of skanky groupies, lots of sex and cheating. Nope! This was unlike any rock star–no groupies, not a lot of sex and no “party like a rock star” moments. Ok, there were a few, but with no real angst, that caused me to throw my Kindle against the wall.

I loved Kia and Dylan. Kia White is the rock star who seems to create Lindsay Lohan type headlines in the news, rather than news about his music. Dylan Carroll, a film student, has been giving the opportunity to create a web series documentary on Kia, that should help him get back on track with his music career. And there is a nice bonus for her, if she can keep this relationship strictly professional and uncover Kia’s big secret. So of course, Dylan travels on tour with Kia to film and what happens when you’re stuck 24/7 on a bus with a hot rock star? Sparks happens!

But it’s not an easy hook up. The secrets that Kia is hiding and a tragedy that happened in Dylan’s life makes it hard for these two! As filming rolls on, Dylan learns that some secrets aren’t meant to be shared with the world…quite yet!

I’m really excited for book 2 and hope it comes out soon! And looking forward for more books from this author.

Favorite Quotes: “Pantypantypanty…dropper!” and “Is Team Dick making it official?”

After you read Documentary, check out A.J. Sand’s website for some bonus scenes.

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