ARC Review: Damaged by H.M. Ward

Goodreads synopsis of Damaged

Thank you Holly for sending us a copy of this book for an honest review!

Asian Chick Karmen and White Chick Jenn’s review on Damaged

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Who doesn’t love to read about damaged people and all the drama? We do! And we love their angsty story lines and this book was filled with it! Sidney and Peter, both damaged from their past, meet unexpectedly (loved, loved how they met!) and become close, eventually becoming best friends and falling in love. BUT…their relationship isn’t easy for the two of them to move forward, not only does their past haunt them, but also their “friendship” is forbidden. Peter is a professor, and Sidney happens to be his TA. Argh…bring on the angst!

Sidney is feisty. We love her attitude and her banter with Peter. She is a strong heroine, who has gone through a serious crisis and the reason why she left home and her family. Peter is a hottie (hot for teacher!) and Sidney sees him as a way to help her move past her fears. And it’s the same for Peter, because he also comes with baggage!

Sidney’s past eventually finds her and shows up demanding her to return home. Oy! She knows in order to move on and forward with her life, she needs to face home, her family and a crazy ex. Just when it’s getting good…BOOM…book ends. We are now wanting book 2 (like now!) to find out if Sidney confronts her past and tells them where to go! And if her and Peter end up with a happily ever after–because those two deserve it! Fantastic read, just like all of Holly’s other books!


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