ARC Review: Remake (Documentary #2) by A.J. Sand

Goodreads synopsis of Remake
ARC courtesy of A.J. Sand

Asian Chick Karmen and White Chick Jenn’s Review

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Move over Team Kai. It’s now Team Bryson!

We were excited to continue Erica’s story in Remake and  find out what really happened to her in Thailand. Remake deals with the tough subject matter of rape. We thought Erica was a weak and broken in Documentary, but turns out she is such a strong character. She is really a survivor.

After her return from Thailand, Erica became distant with her friends and even breaks up with her fiance, Bryson, without giving him a reason why or what to happened to her. More than half into the book, we were just screaming at Erica to  “JUST FREAKING TELL BRYSON” already. But of course she was scared. She went through the emotions of being a victim: pain, scared, hurt and distrusted. She eventually does and Bryson couldn’t have been more supportive *insert swoon*.

We really enjoyed how the story jumped from the past to explain what was happening in the present. We loved all the characters and happy to get a bit of “Team Dick”– Kai and Dylan in it too! Remake is filled with heartbreak, little mystery, some angst, hope and love! Of course, A.J. didn’t disappoint with her 2nd book and we enjoyed Erica’s journey to heal in Remake! Looking forward to some Wes in book 3, Recklessly!

If you missed it back in February, here’s our review on Documentary (#1).

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