ARC Review: Damaged #2 by H.M. Ward

Goodreads synopsis of Damaged 2
Releases on June 24, 2013! ARC courtesy of Author H.M. Ward
for an honest review. Pre-order Damaged 2 now.

Asian Chick Karmen and White Chick Jenn’s Review

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Damaged 2 picks up right after the cliffhanger from book 1 and it did not disappoint. Peter is still swoon-worthy as ever. We were left after Dean attacks Sidney and fights with her brother, Sam (spoiler alert–must read Damaged 1). More secrets about Peter’s life comes out shortly after and freaks out Sidney.

In order to get her life back on track and to face her family, she takes a road trip back home. Peter comes along to protect her against Dean and during their road trip, these two learn a bit more about each other–in a way they both face their fears together. Along the way, during their banter (which we loved their car trip!), they pick up a little “pet,” which made their trip even funnier!

Before heading to Jersey, Sidney meets Peter’s family in New York–who aren’t your typical normal family. His brothers are crazy, along with his parents. And Sidney soon realizes Peter is nothing like his family or his past.

Finally heading home, Sidney soon realizes her parents truly missed her and her dying mother tells her that she finally knows the truth what happened to her between Dean. Their moment (mother and daughter) was truly heartbreaking, but beautiful. We’re glad Sidney was able to find closure with her Mother before she passed.

And Peter (along the help of his brother Sean) kept his promising of protecting Sidney from Dean and making sure he is no longer a problem. Damaged 2 ended fantastically (no cliffhangers) and we were happy that both Sidney and Peter were able to have closure.

As always, we are excited to carry on Peter’s brothers’ stories in The Arrangement series and the upcoming Stripped!

If you missed our review of Damaged (#1) back in April, you can read it here.



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