Blog Tour Stop: Painted Lines by Brei Betzold–Reviews & Giveaways!

17396742Painted Lines Synopsis:

Scout has always wanted to follow in her family’s business of custom bike building. Being female never stopped her from getting greasy and slapping on paint with the best of them, and made her work even harder at opening up her own shop someday.

When an opportunity to win $500,000 dollars in prize money presents itself, Scout and her group of misfit friends sign on the dotted line to be filmed for a reality television show to win it. But like anything in life there’s always a catch to free money.

When nightmares of the past meet dreams of the future, Scout is forced to face her demons, or be quickly over run by the memories. In the midst of her inner turmoil, family will come home, and possibly a life she never expected to have could be within her grasp.

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Asian Chick, Karmen’s Review of Painted Lines

Rating: 3.5 (almost 4–if it didn’t cause me so much angst!)  stars out of 5

I don’t think a book has stressed me out as much as Painted Lines did. This is definitely not a fluffy love story or even filled with hearts and flowers. Brei did a fantastic job in describing the pain, the nightmare, the torture, that Scout endured (and still going through). And holy hell, I felt Scout’s night terrors and her panic attacks. This story was so unique; I loved the idea of the “reality show” and how Scout’s past showed up through it.

Scout went through a very horrific ordeal when she was young. Because of that she suffers from severe PTSD. And she is protected (overly protected!) by her brother and close friends. She hasn’t really been able to heal properly. When they enter the “reality show” she has a run in with her past, who also happens to be competition in the show.

She meets Thayne, who at first was an a-hole. He wasn’t aware of truth of what happened between Scout and his friend/team member, Tristan. He just assumed it was all Scout’s fault. But Thayne slowly redeemed himself, by befriending Scout and learning of her nightmares. He became an escape for her, when she needed to get away from her brother and friends. Eventually these two developed a slow romance–Thayne helped her slowly heal and let her feel like her own person (being able to make her own decisions without being treated like a child).

Scout’s story is so intense, it will definitely keep the pages turning for you. And the end! The end–I was holding my breath, thinking seriously, she did not just write that? What an end–it was quite brilliant!

White Chick, Jenn’s Review of  Painted Lines

Rating:  stars 3 out of 5

Ok. So first let me tell you that this book is way intense and I mean over the top intense, so get ready for a roller coaster.  Scout is heroine and Thayne is the main male character.   When I started this book I thought it would be similar to Brei’s other books but this one is most definitely different.

I felt really bad for Scout and what she went through in the past and I loved how sensitive and patient Thayne was with her. I love the reality building competition they were in and all the great side characters.  While I didn’t love the story/plot the writing in this book is fantastic.  I was also a little torn over the ending of this book as I didn’t feel content with the characters at the end.   I’m not going to say more than that so I won’t give too much away.  Again while I liked this book I didn’t love it but it wasn’t due to the writing it was more due to the story and plot.  It is an intense and emotional read with major peaks and valley’s that had me in tears a few times and laughing.  Again it is beautifully written and I would recommend it for others just be prepared for an emotional journey.

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