ARC Review: Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

LosingHopeGoodreads synopsis of Losing Hope
ARC courtesy Atria Books for an honest review.
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Rating: 5 Freaking Stars out of 5

Bravo! Brav-freaking-o Colleen Hoover! Losing Hope is one of the best follow-up books ever written! Dean Holder! I don’t care if he is 18 years old (and fictional!), but this boy made me swoon, cry, hope for love and just want to be 18 all over again!

I’m not going re-hash the story, since we all know what happened in Hopeless. But reading it from Dean’s POV, made the story between Dean and Sky/Hope even more heartbreaking and beautiful.  Plus, the added bonus of finding out more about his family and particularly his relationship with Les. The way the book started out in the beginning was absolutely brilliant (and devastating). And the letters! Ugh, the letters Dean wrote to his sister, Les! I felt every heartbreaking and angry emotion he was feeling. Ms. Hoover did a fantastic job of bringing out his feelings in those letter.

Not only we do we get Dean’s perspective from what we read in Hopeless, but in Losing Hope, we get so much more to the story. It really made their story come full circle and I loved every single page. And Daniel, Dean’s best friend, needs his own book! Every time, he was in a scene, he literally cracked me up. Such a fun character to add to the story.

I usually look forward to epilogues in books–what happens in the future (usually years later), but I was fine not having one in Losing Hope, it didn’t really need one. I think it wrapped up beautifully giving everyone answers, peace and most of all, closure.


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