BLOG TOUR STOP: Fatalism by L.K. Collins – Vincent Conversation

fatalismAlexa Schaefer has been through more pain and hurt in her life than your average twenty-eight year old. She protects her heart by controlling everything around her and living her life according to a strict set of rules. For years, she has lived behind a wall, not allowing anyone into her heart. That is, until she meets Vincent, a man she can’t get out of her head no matter what she tells herself.

On the outside, Vincent Mileski appears to be a confident, no nonsense attorney. A prodigy in the field of law, he has just won the biggest case of his career. Needing out of the spotlight, Vincent moves back to his home state of Colorado to get some time alone to heal from a previous betrayal. He hasn’t had a woman turn his head in years, that is, until he meets Alexa. After only knowing her name and the sweet taste of her kiss, she is torn from his arms.

Will fate bring these two back together, or will they spend an eternity searching?

So we were really lucky to have a quick sit down with Vincent – check what he says! 

Our sit down with Vincent

Karmen & Jenn: Thank you for stopping by our blog! How are you?

Vincent: Thanks for having me ladies. I’m well, really well.

Karmen & Jenn: So, let’s start off by asking what was your first thought when Alexa literally ran into you at the club?

Vincent: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she took my breath away. You guys know her and how amazing she is. Thinking back, I don’t think I had any coherent thoughts, minus controlling my dick from getting hard.

Karmen & Jenn: How about that kiss? Were you surprised that she threw herself at you with that kiss?

Vincent: I was more than surprised. I’ve never wanted someone so bad and the moment our lips touched, she sent my body into overdrive. Thank God she kissed me. I’ve told her before, had she not I don’t know what would have happened between us.

Karmen & Jenn: Did you think you’d ever see her again after that?

Vincent: No, I didn’t. And it pissed me off. I should’ve done more that night. I shouldn’t have just let her go and walk away.

Karmen & Jenn: And that first day at work, when you showed up as Kane, Alexa was seriously thrown off, but you started to pursue her right away. Were you every worried about having a work relationship with a staff member, let alone your assistant? Alexa told you your first meeting/kiss was a big mistake. Did you believe her?

Vincent: One thing my mother taught me was to follow my heart. With Alexa, I beat myself up so bad after she was gone that when I saw her again, I couldn’t control myself. I knew she was feeling what I was. I saw it in her eyes and the way her breathing increased when I was around. When she said the kiss was a mistake, she never made eye contact. I could see how much it hurt her. But there was no denying what either of us was feeling.

Karmen & Jenn: After that, Alexa called off work for a few days; clearly avoiding you. But then she came (bringing you Starbucks!) and she walks in with you and Portia and Portia sitting on your desk. You knew she was upset, right? Why did you avoid her all day?

Vincent: Oh man, I can’t believe you’re going to make me relive that day again. Lets first of all take a step back, to the day before when I checked on Alexa. I was genuinely concerned for her, and she pushed me away. She made her point very clear. She said I had no place coming to her home and quite frankly that hurt me, so I pulled away.

Karmen & Jenn: So which name do you actually prefer Kane or Vincent?  Does it matter when you are in the bedroom?

Vincent: Haha, I prefer Vincent and we’ll leave it at that.

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